The Quest For Galatine

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This is the first adventure map from the WRX Team we hope to make many more minecraft maps in the future.


The Quest for Galatine is a puzzle/adventure map. There are many challenging puzzles within
the temple of Trials are you skilled enough to pass through?

The Story

The cryptic blade of Galatine had been hidden away many years ago by the
ancient brotherhood. You heroes must aquire this great sword before it
falls into the clutches of the evil Emperor.
We hope you enjoy please leave feedback and let us know if you come across any problems while


  • Gold Ingots are used to record your score, total of 40 to collect.
  • You can only break light grey wool, unless told otherwise.
  • No Cheating
  • No Flying
  • No Mods

You can use your own texture packs and there are no mods included so just download and play. Although we do recommend the use of JohnSmiths HD texture pack and the map to be played on normal dificultiy.

Alternate Download