The Forgotten Temple

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This map is one of the few adventure type maps available now. You can download it and try to solve all puzzles and clear all challenges!

So far it has about 25 min of gameplay and many interesting and unexpected puzzles (including things that were added in latest updates).



Download The Forgotten Temple map

This map Includes following:
- Puzzles (whole lot of different ones)
- Hidden stuff
- Locked Doors
- Switches and Buttons
- High score counting system (FIRST EVER*)
- Puzzles with minecarts
- Lava 
- Jumping paths (optional)
- Dispensers
- Puzzles with sound blocks (!)
- etc.

How to install:

Just put the folder "World4" into your minecraft save directory and then play like any normal world. Please follow the rules posted in starting room.

- Post your higscores after you finish playing! There's a lot of secrets 
- Please don't spoil puzzles, let people figure it out for themselves.
- English is not my native lang, so if you can point out any mistakes in game texts please do so 
- Please post some screenshots, I'll place them in this post instead of current one.
- If you have youtube channel you might consider making "lets play" video of your first try. If I watch it it will greatly help me understand how to make this map better.
- If something doesn't work for you - you probably playing with mods (disable them!) or not on peaceful (switch to peaceful when you start the map).
- Minecart boosters are no longer working so one puzzle is broken... never the less map is completely playable, but you will have to solve this puzzle a little bit differently. Just speed up minecart and hop in it.