SURVIVAL ISLAND 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2

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The rules are simple:
1. Don't leave the Island.
2. Play on at least Normal difficulty.
3. No hacking.
4. Have fun !


Version 1.0

This island is slightly smaller than 1.1 and has normal sized, naturally spawned ores. Good for beginners and peaceful mode builders.

There's even an optional challenge mode (rules listed below). Can you claim all 10?


Try not to squander your initial resources.
Once your grass is gone you can't get it back.
X marks the spot.


Download Survival Island 1.0


Version 1.1

More challenging than Version 1.0. The land mass has increased by 20% and the initial starting ore sizes have been reduced. The optional resources (cactus, reed etc.) are still there, but they have been hidden below ground.

This version also includes 5 hidden bonus challenges not found in 1.0. If you don't care about playing the challenge, please disregard the signs.


Download Survival Island 1.1

Version 1.2

This was my first attempt that never got posted. There is a lot of grass but the initial starting resources are limited. As in 1.1, the optional resources (cactus, reed etc.) are still there, but they have been hidden below ground.

I made this map before I added the optional challenge mode so there are no hidden bonus objectives, but there is a treasure left behind by the Lost Curator.


Download Survival Island 1.2

** Optional Challenge Mode **

The optional challenge mode is a series of challenges that you can accomplish to earn points. You get one point for each one completed. No one will be judging, so use your imagination and create what is fun for you.

Users of version 1.0 will not be able to complete challenge #10 or any of the bonus challenges. (Something I will correct when I release version 2)

Users of version 1.1 will still be able to use the cactus and reed, but you will first have to find it hidden in the caverns below.

The challenges:

1. Build a two story house/base with at least 20+ windows.
2. Build 10 bookcases.
3. Build an automated cactus farm.
4. Build an under ground tree farm.
5. Build an above ground animal trap.
6. Build a drowning trap around the skeleton spawner.
7. Build a cart system.
8. Build something with redstone.
9. Gather 10 unused diamonds.
10. Find the treasure left behind by the Lost Curator.

How many can you complete?