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The  first custom minecraft map by ben246135,called Dreamscape, has got a very basic plot of someone who "Wakes up" in a dream and can't get out and needs to find a way... and if you make it to the end, he does.

This map is very intriguing, the story sounds good and that alone makes me want to fire up minecraft and give this map a play. There are quite a few really good puzzles in this map and if you like that I would recommend you play this.

A good player could finish this adventure map in around an hour.

This is a map that has Parkour (jumping puzzles and swimming), aswell as some puzzles and the plot is mysterious because of the fact that by the end of this first part you still don't completely understand what's happening, but after the second map you will find out some "interesting" facts... (It is quite complicated, a bit like inception! (Thanks to KronicElephant for that idea))


  • You can only place Gold blocks,
  • You must not use beds in any situation,
  • Obviously you cannot cheat in any way, food is provided,
  • You will have to look really hard for things,
  • And do not destroy the bed at the beginning
  • Also collect as many red wool blocks as you can, for bonus points! (If you get all 4 it means you properly complete the map)
  • And you MUST play on peaceful!


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by AntVenom

This custom map was made by Atrohumter and Planetlouis.