Destiny Part 1 & Part 2

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Destiny, a never seen before adventure.

An Adventure Map, with challenges, with parkour, with monsters, with.... MUCH MUCH MORE.



Destiny Part 1

Take part in this Adventure, in this journey and may you never forget what lies in your heart.

"Destiny it’s a one size fits all minecraft wash for your brain. By the time you are done with this map you will not only be satisfied, but possibly a little wiser than you were when you began play."

The Story

You wake up in the middle of a dark room. You can't see anything at all.
You reach in your pocket and find two torches. You place them on the ground and understand you are in your room. Trapped. No exit, no door, no window, no nothing.
You try and remember what happened but remember nothing....

You therefore decide to take your best shot and try to destroy the wall surrounding you...


1.) It is FUNDAMENTAL for you to play with theCUSTOM TEXTURE PACK (which is obviously included in the download)

2.) I'm NOT going to write the rules here because usually no-one reads them....
You'll going to learn everything you need while playing the game. Just one thing...Start on peaceful difficulty

3.) It's my first map, but i've spent so much time doing it that it should be fun.

4.) I've designed my map on 1.1.0. , but the map works perfectly on every other minecraft version (GIVEN THAT YOU CAN SPRINT)

5.) Once again... use the custom texture pack...otherwise you won't get the adventure and most puzzles will be useless...

6.) I've designed my map especially for Single Player, but added materials in chests for up to 3 players...if appreciated I will do it for even more players.

7.) There is a scoring system involving the Blaze Powder so try and find them all!
I'm not going to tell you how much of them are hidden in the game, but post your score so I will be able to create a High-score.

8.) Please leave a post under this thread so i will include your name....(I'M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU WHERE....)

9.) Please tell me the truth! If you liked it or if it sucked.... It would be a lot appreciated.

10.) I'm looking forward for anyone who is interested in doing a "Let's play".

11.) Given that I created this map completely on my one, I have to say I used the Millenaire Mod to help myself to create Scorpion CIty.

12.) If you end up somewhere in the desert, the coordinates are:  (-585.85; 69.62 ; -313.44)

(case sensitive)


Download Destiny Part 1

Alternate download (supports map maker)

Destiny Part 2

Destiny is back! And so the adventures, the challenges and the enigmas. Are you ready to hop back in this never seen before Map? 
Then you're on the right thread.

The minecraft thrilogy of Destiny is finally back with the second episode. This map is the continuation of the other one, therefore you must have played pt.1 before attempting to play this one.


Download Destiny Part 2

Alternate download (supports map maker)