Deep Space Turtle Chase!

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Begin Orders Transmission
You have been sent to the mining station past Tarsus 3 to find and apprehend wanted criminal Dr. Earl S. Testudine. Due to the nature of his crimes he is considered armed and dangerous, and force may be used against him. The mining station is densely populated and only capable of supporting few awake survivors at a time. If Testudine is not awake when you arrive, enter cryogenic stasis until he is next scheduled to awaken. Captain Schmidt will coordinate with you on this and have further instructions.
End Transmission


Deep Space Turtle Chase is an adventure and puzzle game game in which the user is part of the GR7 Security team who is dispatched to apprehend the rogue Dr. Earl S. Testudine. The map is available for both single player, and online co-op with up to four players. Players will be able to fully explore the entire space setting, and solve a multitude of challenging puzzles set throughout space, and on land. 

Set in both space and land, players will receive orders from Captain Schmidt to help them progress throughout the map. The goals of the game include giving power to ships, fighting a space battle, traversing dangerous terrain, and many more games.

Here’s a sneak peek:

You're just five simple steps away from a painless game install!

1. Download the client installer above and extract the folder somewhere
2. Open Minecraft, go to options->force update to get a clean Minecraft.jar. You will also want to delete your Mods folder inside minecraft!
3. Use the .exe (for windows) or .jar (for linux/mac) to modify your client
4. Open Minecraft again, select the Deep Space Turtle Chase texture pack
5. Go to Single Player, select the map, and enjoy!

Download the files for both singleplayer and multiplayer here:

PC Client (Single/Multi Player): http://www.mediafire...2c2y13td80f28rf

Mac Client Download: http://www.mediafire...u6btwt4b434gc2p

Vanilla Download: http://www.mediafire...debc2uh3i7zcjqy (IF all else fails, download and install this as you would any other map.)

Server (Multi Player only): http://www.mediafire...ffyfq84vvwjwz11


I'm on a Mac, what do I do!? - We just put a Mac specific edition up due to an conflicting issue with one of the mods in the game.

The game crashes and freezes every time I break a block - Read the rules above.

If all else fails... - Then run the installer first then force update, launch minecraft, select the texture pack, and play the map.

Make sure you have downloaded the latest client for your particular OS.

Before installing, MAKE SURE that you have forced update from the options menu in your Minecraft launcher and removed ALL traces of previously installed mods, including the mods folder within .minecraft

If your issues have arisen as a result of the .exe installer, force update and use the .jar installer instead.

If it's still not working, try updating Java to the latest version.

Crashed upon breaking a block? Read the rules.

Crashed while trying to play this on your hacked, unpaid client? That's too bad.

If all else fails, run the installer first and THEN force update. Select the deep space texture pack and play the map. All the mechanics work entirely in vanilla; the mods simply exist to enhance the experience.

Good Luck Professor!